dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Woonbeurs 2010

Woonbeurs 2010

So last saturday me and my sister went to visit the Woonbeurs in the Rai, Amsterdam. It's kind of a interior designevent. I saw a lot of new trends, colours and designs. The best part of it where the young new designers and the 101woonideeen stand.

"Tafelgenoten" (table company) by Carolina Wilcke

Lovely blue stove.

Land of Living decoration. You can see the little teapot hats of Tas-ka in there.

Carton board decoration

Knitting woman in the VTwonen stand.

Maartje van den Noort and Petra (one of the owners of Restored) where at the 101woonideeen stand. They showed some work of the shop and made some new designs. Also got a beautiful black bag with drawings of Maartje. You can also buy them at www.restored.nl. Prizes are from 5 euro.

I have to say that the 101woonideeen stand was the best in my case. So much soft colours, weighted out perfectly with subtle prints. The enviroment had a bit of a 60/70's vibe to it and was very romantic. I loved every little bit of it!

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